Villa 3Rondini (3 SWALLOWS) is a recently built home, which was designed with all modern comforts. It has a 16 meters pool, good for swimming.

The entire property is 4.130 square meters.

The Villa is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden with Palm trees, Jasmine with their perfumed white flowers, Hibiscus, white and pink Daphne and more than 90 Leyland and Cypresses.

Birds, Swallows, Hawks and Owls provide the “musical background”.

Villa 3Rondini and the Guesthouse are spacious homes. They are snug and cozy. The sea sets the tone and atmosphere and it renders the scenery unique making it ever changing throughout the day. A sea that will rock you to sleep at night with its sudden rumbles, while its slow backwash will wake you up in the morning as you have your first coffee on the veranda. When dusk descends in the evening and bids the sun farewell as it slowly sets beneath the horizon.

The sandy beach is just 80 meters walk down from the villa (the villa is 32 meters above sea level).
It is a 5 minute car ride to the famous Skala beach where there are taverns and
restaurants and it is nearby Kaminia beach which is 3km long and is perfect for
walking barefoot on the sand.